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About Unlimited Tech Solutions

Unlimited Tech Solutions is a RevOps consultancy focused on #MarTech, sales enablement, and growth marketing consulting. We are focused on ops and integrations to take the guesswork out of revenue growth. We integrate all of the elements that need to work together for companies to crush their numbers and align their teams. If it’s broken, we fix it. If it’s siloed, we connect it. We revisit, realign, resource, and reintegrate so that your finest marketing and sales ideas are executed perfectly. We've been around and seen how broken things are for so many businesses. So we're building something different. Our mission is simple: Do good work with good people. 

Our Core Values

1. Honesty
You will always hear the truth from us in every regard.
2. Humility
We make mistakes, and we strive to never stop learning.
3. Stewardship
We take our responsibility of planning and managing your resources very seriously.
4. Transparency
No secrets. No black box. We are an open book in every way.
5. Simplicity
We seek to remove clutter and complexity until all that remains is essential and useful.
6. Reliability
We work hard to remain worthy of your trust; to be dependable; faithful; authentic.

Benefits of working with us

  • We offer full-time positions; we hire you as an employee, no matter where you are in the world
  • Generous compensation package
  • Attractive health insurance and benefits plans
  • Paid time off, including birthday PTO and flexible holidays (according to country of residence) 
  • 401(k) with employer matching (coming up in 2022)
  • Work with a team of high-achievers in a collaborative environment where everyone has a real chance to contribute. 
  • Work with a highly supportive founding team. We created Unlimited with the sole purpose of providing a healthy environment for our team and clients. 
  • We are a truly remote-first company. We include everyone on the team, no matter where you are in the world.

What we do and how we work

  • We run on a clear operational program so we have a stable business foundation.
  • We're a HubSpot partner and have been working on HubSpot since 2014.
  • We're an Asana Services Partners and practically live in Asana.
  • We've partnered with NetDocuments and work with clients to build a secured document system.
  • We’ve been around, this is not the first business we (the founders) ran and we have a clear vision and mission.
  • We hire globally and we're a remote-only company

How We Hire

We value our team member’s time and our relationships. We promote our team members based on their results, not resumes. Expect this process to be unlike most others.

  1. Zoom conversation with our COO to discuss the position, mission, clients, and plan and hear all about your experience and abilities, career growth plans, salary expectations, and why you’d like to work with us.  
  2. We’ll ask you to complete a short and fair exercise to demonstrate your skills and passion for working with us. 
  3. If we’re a good fit, we’ll send you an offer. 
  4. Reference check.
  5. Once your references come in, we’ll set up your onboarding.
  6. We aim to have an intense yet quick 2-week hiring cycle. 

Open Positions

Full-time Sr. Marketing Strategist [Position filled] 

Full-time Digital Project Manager [Position filled] 

Though we don't currently have any more FT positions open, we're always looking for talented freelancers to join our ranks. If you're interested, feel free to fill out the form below. 

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