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Blending Sales & Marketing for High-Performance Results.

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My name is Tom Richard, and I believe that Sales & Marketing are most effective when they work together using technology, content, and process. 

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Portfolio Pieces

For All Your Reasons Campaign 


  1. Have a local brand successfully compete for attention against national fitness brands on a small budget.
  2. Attract, engage, and convert local customers online and in-person at our retail stores.
  3. Build authentic relationships between customers and local store personnel in thirty-five different communities at the same time.

Campaign Components

  1. Video
  2. In-Store promotion recruiting customers to feature 
  3. Social media component 
  4. Website pages

Why it Worked: 

  1. Hyperlocal appeal gained attention in each of the communities we served. 
  2. Local store personnel felt empowered to get his/her customers featured on the corporate platform.
  3. Featured customers shared on social which in turn had their friends share, etc. 
  4. Generated internal excitement which materialized in increase in sales. 
  5. Provided an alternative to normal "discounting" advertising as a way of generating leads and connections. 


Straight Talk Campaign


  1. Cut through fluff seen in national advertising campaigns like Peloton (beautiful people doing being beautiful in beautiful places leading you to believe you can be beautiful and have beautiful things if you just buy this product). 
  2. Establish our brand and our people as the trustworthy source of truth on the topic of fitness and fitness equipment. 
  3. Generate in-person traffic to retail stores 

Campaign Components

  1. Video
  2. Landing pages 
  3. In-Person Educational Event
  4. Radio
  5. Newspaper
  6. "Flyering" at local businesses
  7. Celebrity endorsement and appearance at event
  8. Website pages

Why it Worked: 

  1. Video served up as pre roll in targeted fashion allowed us to spend a lot of money on the right buyer personas without having to spend a lot of money overall. 
  2. Combined the advertising with a "boots on the ground" guerilla marketing approach to get attendance at an educational themed event. 
  3. The guerilla marketing component engaged our internal personnel which always creates excitement and therefore sales.  (Placebo effect, but created deliberately)
  4. Coordinated with traditional content marketing downloadables to generate leads for the sales team.


Real Meaning of Memorial Day


  1. Disruption for maximum visibility and attention
  2. Align the Brand with a cause the executive team was passionate about. 
  3. Awareness

Campaign Components

  1. Video
  2. Press Releases
  3. Social media component 
  4. Donation to chosen charity
  5. Newspaper


  1. Over 260,000 youtube video views
  2. Strong customer participation 
  3. Nearly $50,000 raised for D.A.V. 


"Don't Worry. Be Happy."

- Meher Baba