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Kevin Mullins | 30 August, 2023

HubSpot Adoption Woes: The Danger of Misdiagnosing Business Issues

Companies often mistakenly identify surface-level symptoms of business issues as the core problems. This often leads to the implementation of solutions that only address the immediate discomfort without tackling the underlying cause.


The reason for this misdiagnosis is usually because the real problem is uncomfortable to confront. It may be hidden within a process or because team members are hesitant to speak up about the true causes of the issues.



Haunted By Ghosts From The Past

It's incredible how past experiences can skew our perspectives. Especially in business. Baggage, past inefficiencies, and even bias can lead individual contributors and leaders alike to make decisions that significantly, and often negatively, alter their company's operations. These decisions are typically emotion-driven and pop up in HR, operations,  finance, operations, and yes, IT. In fact, software is often one of the most affected, and least likely, areas under consideration including CRM adoption. 


Buying Software To Solve Surface-Level Issues

When it comes to CRMs like HubSpot, many businesses mistakenly think their challenges are unique. They believe that their processes and obstacles cannot be effectively addressed using standard CRM tools. This misconception often fuels the search for niche solutions or features that are perceived as tailored to specific circumstances. Even with a process-powered CRM platform like HubSpot, revenue teams routinely doubt us that their needs can be met by HubSpot's standard tools.


However, this mindset (unaddressed) can lead teams down a restrictive path, limiting options and potentially hindering long-term growth and stability. It is important to recognize that while your company may have its unique aspects, many of your underlying problems and challenges are not as unique as they seem.


While your company may have its unique aspects, many of your underlying problems and challenges are not as unique as they seem.


The Benefit of Fresh Eyes

Instead of getting caught up in the belief that your challenges are entirely distinct, it is crucial to take a step back and seek an unbiased perspective. Engaging a HubSpot implementation partner with decades of business experience like Unlimited, can give you that fresh set of eyes and a comprehensive understanding your company needs.


By working collaboratively with an objective expert partner, you can ensure that the core problems are accurately identified and addressed. This partnership allows for a more holistic approach, taking into consideration both the unique aspects of your business and the standardized tools and platforms available, such as HubSpot.


Stop Jumping To Conclusions Solutions

Instead of wasting time on niche solutions or features that only scratch the surface, a skilled implementation partner can assist you in developing a solution that addresses the root cause of your challenges. The right partner will:

  1. Assist in accurately pinpointing the core problem without jumping to solutions. 
  2. Genuinely listen to your concerns about your business challenges and diligently record them.


In other words, a good implementation partner will help you configure your choses system. A great implementation partner will prioritize consistency, efficiency, future reporting and automation capabilities, and address future needs to integrate with other platforms and tools.


Future-Proofing For Future Problems

Features evolve over time, and relying on a narrow set of functionalities may limit your ability to adapt to changing business needs. By avoiding the temptation to rely heavily on a specific feature set designed to solve an immediate issue, you can future-proof your CRM solution by planning for root business issues.

For example, our process, based on the OODA Loop developed by military strategist John Boyd, utilizes three steps: Discover, Design, and Deliver. Each step in the process builds on the next, until we are confident in our proposed solution. This process is especially helpful when planning highly complex projects like CRM Migrations, CRM Integrations, API Development, Solutions Architecture, or Custom Development.


Finding The Right Solution

The solution must:

  • Ensure a consistent process so you're confident tasks will be completed.
  • Enhance efficiency to avoid overextending teams and incurring runaway costs.
  • Be designed thoughtfully for future reporting and automation capabilities.
  • Make optimal use of standard platforms. For instance, if third parties develop standard integrations for tools like HubSpot, your solution should be flexible enough to integrate them in the future.

Avoid pigeonholing yourself by relying heavily on a specific feature set designed entirely for another purpose. These features might evolve, and their current functionalities might not remain consistent in the future.


Wrapping Up

Misidentifying surface-level issues as core problems can lead companies astray, resulting in ineffective solutions and unnecessary complications. It's important to consider the emotional and past experiences of individuals within a company, as they can cloud judgment and lead to decisions that may not align with the organization's long-term growth and stability.


While it may be tempting to believe that your company's challenges are unique, this mindset can limit your perspective when exploring potential solutions.

By partnering with an external, objective implementation team, you can gain a valuable fresh perspective that ensures the identification and adequate addressing of the real issues. This collaborative approach not only enhances your understanding of the problem but also facilitates the creation of a robust and future-proof solution. By prioritizing standardized platforms and tools like HubSpot, businesses can remain agile and adaptable in an ever-evolving marketplace.


So, instead of just treating the symptoms, let us be your guide in curing the pain. Start the conversation


Kevin Mullins

Kevin Mullins

Kevin Mullins is our internal authority for digital marketing and demand gen. His story-driven approach to digital marketing is strategic and methodical, helping ambitious companies create demand, unlock authenticity, and lay a foundation for fast growth.

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